Tuesday, April 14, 2015

17th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale - May 9, 2015

The 17th annual Model Railroad Garage sale is coming up fast. Mark May 9th on your calendar as you will not want to miss this wonderful event. It is a terrific way for those just starting in the hobby to find some items, meet others in the hobby, gain ideas, and share in discussions. Many have also found that sought after treasure on someone’s table that was just what they needed to bring some life to their own layout.

This event is hosted FREE of charge for both vendors and customers. It is put on as a modellers-for-modellers day to help spread the word that Model Railroading is a fun and fulfilling hobby for all ages. While this event only lasts 4 hours, many hours are spent on the planning and set up of the event. As long as the interest to attend is strong we will continue to put this event on. It runs from 8am - noon with vendors allowed to start setting up as early as 6:30am.

Many have already signed up to be vendors, and spaces are filling up quickly. We will be taking reservations for vendors until May 2nd, so if you are wishing to attend this year as a vendor please let us know ASAP.

Also this year, we will again be having the community table. For those that are not familiar with how the table works, it is a way for people to bring just a few things and leave them for sale at the event. If you wish to bring items for the community table we ask that they be brought in to the store already priced no later than May 2nd to have them tagged and set up for the sale. All items and money from the items sold are to be picked up by the end of May. If you wish more info on putting items on the table please feel free to contact me.

Get out your pen and circle May 9th on your calendars and come on out to share in the fun and excitement of the 17th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale.

Please note, the donations received from each year’s event are put back into improving the next year’s event. If you have ideas that you would like to see put into place for upcoming events please share them with us—we want to continue improving this event to ensure it remains something you don’t want to miss.

Our 2015 Website Project

For those of you that have been on the site recently you have noticed that our stock section is once again changing and being updated.  While the catalogue is still under construction in terms of product being added every update we ARE getting closer to having a more up-to-date catalogue listing.  This revamp for the product listing has taken countless hours to pull together and I am so happy to see it finally starting to roll out.  In the meantime, if you are looking for an item and don’t see it please send us a quick email and we will let you know if we have it or can get it.  The new catalogue rollout is going to show items that are back ordered, pre-order, and clearance. 

The goal is to get closer to a real-time on-line inventory system.

As 2015 progresses, there are going to be more changes to the site giving it a brand new coat of paint and hopefully making it easier to use across multiple types of platforms from mobile to desktop.  Stay tuned as we change it up in 2015!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Google+ (Facebook hopefully coming soon).

New Products

  • Atlas HO 1937 40’ Boxcar Kit-CP Spans the World #249799 (751-2100048)
  • Atlas HO 1937 40’ Boxcar Kit-CP Spans the World #249843 (751-2100049)
  • Atlas HO 1937 40’ Boxcar Kit-CP Spans the World #249935 (751-2100050)
  • Athearn HO RS3 RTR CN Green and Yellow #3024 (140-96774)
  • Athearn HO RS3 RTR CN Green and Yellow #3033 (140-96775)
  • Athearn HO Heavyweight Baggage Car CN #8427 (140-79450)
  • Athearn HO Heavyweight RPO CN #7834 (140-79451)
  • Athearn HO Heavyweight Pullman Lake Manitoba (140-79452)
  • Athearn HO Heavyweight Dinner CN #1258 (140-79453)
  • Athearn HO Heavyweight Coach CN #5089 (140-79454)
  • Athearn HO Heavyweight Observation CN #79 (140-79455)
  • Athearn HO 30K Gallon Tank Car TILX/REN #196075 (140-98420)
  • Athearn HO 30K Gallon Ethanol Tank UTLX (3) #1 (140-98425)
  • Athearn HO 30K Gallon Ethanol Tank UTL (3) #2 (140-98426)-
  • Athearn HO SD70ACE Yellow with DCC and Sound (140-G68823)
  • Bowser HO 100 Ton Hopper CN #326005 Black (BOW-1-41005)
  • Bowser HO 100 Ton Hopper CN #326025 Black (BOW-1-41006)
  • Bowser HO 100 Ton Hopper CN #326085 Black (BOW-1-41007)
  • Bowser HO 100 Ton Hopper CN #326224 Brown (BOW-1-41008)
  • Bowser HO 100 Ton Hopper CN #326283 Brown (BOW-1-41009)
  • Bowser HO 100 Ton Hopper CN #326275 Brown (BOW-1-41010)
  • Walthers Proto HO Russell Snow Plow CP #401027 (920-110008)
  • Train Set N scale Bachmann Thunder Valley Set (160-24013)
  • Bob Smith Industries Accelerator 2oz Bottle (BSI-151)
  • Osborn HO Log Fence Rails-80 Logs (RRA-1082)
  • Busch HO Crossing Signals with Control (189-5934)
  • Walthers HO Track Cleaning Box Car CN (931-1481)
  • DVD Heritage Steam in Canada, 4 West Railway (YAR-1215)
  • DVD 2816 CP Steam Across the Midwest (YAR-2816)
  • Accurail HO 3 Bay Centre Hopper Kit CN (112-2098)
  • Accurail HO 40’ Plug Door Box Car Steel CP (112-8518)
  • Bachmann HO Park Assortment (160-42209)
  • Bachmann HO Playground Equipment (160-42214)
  • Bachmann HO Swimming Pool and Accessory (160-42215)
  • Bachmann HO Work Crew Figures (160-42334)
  • Bachmann HO People at Leisure (160-42339)
  • Bachmann HO Train Work Crew Figures (160-42341)
  • Bachmann HO Sitting Passengers (160-42342)
  • Osborn HO Transformers for Utility Poles (10) (RRA-1106)
  • Bachmann HO 2-6-0 CN #6013 DCC Ready Locomotive (160-51709)
  • Bachmann N Steam Alco 2-6-0 CN #6011 DCC (160-51753)
  • Thomas and Friends Loco Diesel with Moving Eyes (160-58802)
  • Thomas and Friends Loco Donald with Moving Eyes (160-58807)
  • Morning Sun Book-CP Color Guide to Freight and Passenger (MS-1020)-previously released nearing the end of its print run
  • Boley HO GMC 2003 Tanker with Trailer Yellow/Silver (BOL-3018-86)
  • Boley HO Forestry Fire Tanker International 7000 Green (BOL-4509-55)
  • Model Power N CN Bay Window Caboose (490-3130)
  • Model Power N 40’ 3 Dome Tank Car Hercules (490-3418)
  • Model Power N 40’ Reefer A&P Company (490-3717)
  • Model Power N Depressed Center Flatcar with 2 Reels and Figures (490-4112)
  • Model Power HO Boxcar Operation Lifesaver (490-98009)
  • Magnetic Clamping System HO/O (RIT-10090)
  • Bachmann N 40’ Steel Box Car TH&B Yellow/Black (160-17055)
  • Walthers Mainline 40’ Stock Car with Dreadnaught ends CN 6pk set (910-54504)
  • Kato N GE ES44AC-CN # 2822 Locomotive (381-1768919)
  • Kato N GE ES44AC-CP #8759 Locomotive (381-1768921)
  • Atlas HO Passenger Station (150-706)
  • Atlas Complete Wiring Book (150-12)
  • Testors Dullcoat Spray Can (704-1260)-Returned to stock after long back order
  • Woodland Scenics Lights & Hub Set – Warm White (785-5700)
  • Kalmbach Book DCC Projects and Applications Vol 3 (400-12486)
  • Juneco HO CN Wood Sheathed Caboose Kit (389-K1)
  • Juneco HO CP Wood Sheathed Caboose Kit (389-K2)
  • Model Railroader-May 2015 Issue
  • Trains May 2015 Issue
  • Garden Railways April 2015 Issue
  • Bytown Railway Branchline April issue
  • Osborn HO Railroad Hand Car Kit 2pk (RRA-1107)

Bring on Spring

It sure has been a long cold winter and all I can say is bring on Spring.  We have been busy over the last few months with many projects that we are going to be rolling out in the coming months. 

With the weather changing hopefully for the warmer this weekend we are to welcome back the ice cream side of operations.  So you will soon be able to enjoy your favourite flavours once again.

With the return of ice cream watch the site for extended weekend hours and as the summer draws closer we will once again be open Fridays.

New Products Coming

  • Bowser HO GMD SD40-2 Ontario Northland #1732 DC (BOW-1-24118)-ETA April 2015
  • Bowser HO GMD SD40-2 Ontario Northland #1737 DC (BOW-1-24120)-ETA April 2015
  • Rapido HO Steam Generator Car CN 1954 #15455 (RAP-107191) ETA February 2015
  • Rapido HO Steam Generator Car CN 1954 #15458 (RAP-107192)-ETA February 2015
  • Rapido HO Steam Generator Car CP #96 (RAP-107203)-ETA February 2015
  • True Line Trains HO Pointe St. Charles Caboose (limited numbers available)
  • True Line Trains HO Snow Plow (email for those that are still available)
  • 2015 Canadian Trackside Guide ETA end of April 2015-if wanting one of these please contact to pre-order
  • Accurail HO Wood Boxcar Kit TH&B (112-4640)
  • Accurail HO 70 Ton Offset 3 Bay Hopper CN (112-7550)
  • Bowser N Cylindrical Hopper Car Boraxo #23462 (6-37681)-ETA July 2015
  • Bowser N Cylindrical Hopper Car Domino Sugar #367518 (6-37684) and #367523 (6-37685) ETA July 2015
  • Bowser N Cylindrical Hopper Old Dutch Cleanser #173201 (6-37693) and #173204 (6-37694) ETA July 2015
  • Bowser N Cylindrical Hopper Purina #61320 (6-37696) and #61322 (6-37697)-ETA July 2015
  • Bowser N Cylindrical Hopper Sterling Salt #61106 (6-37702) and # 61008 (6-37703)-ETA July 2015
  • Bowser N GLA Hopper Car CN #115316 (6-37726) and #115392 (6-37727) and #115424 (6-37728)-ETA August 2015
  • Bowser HO GLA Hopper CN #115207 Black (6-41137) and #115307 Black (6-41138)
  • Bowser HO GLA Hopper CN #117022 Brown (6-41141) and #117032 Brown (6-41142)
  • Morning Sun April Release Trackside in the Maritimes 1967-1993 (MS-1542)
  • Rivarossi HO Log Car CP set of two #308279 and #308483 (RIV-6316)
  • Rivarossi HO Log Car CP set of two #308314 and #308420 (RIV-6317)
  • Rivarossi HO Log Car PGE set of two #403 and 418 (RIV-6320)

WOW! 20 Years Already

As I sat down to do our year end I realized that 2015 marks our 20th year of serving the model railroad community.  Hard to believe that 20 years have gone by so fast.

There have been many changes to the industry over those years, gone are the days of ordering in the same product over and over again for locos and rolling stock.  Here are the days of pre-order what you want in advance before it is released or you may not get it as the manufacturers switch more and more to a model where the stores are the warehouses, and more and more limited run product hits the market and is then gone.

As we move further into 2015 we will be planning some kind of anniversary event, with the 17th annual model railroad event only weeks away we will concentrate on that first and then we will work to the 20 year celebration.

Upcoming Train Shows

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Train Show Locations