Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Winter Is Here Again

This week has seen the weather turn ugly in some areas of the province, prompting us to remind our customers that on days that the weather is questionable, please call ahead to verify that we have made it to the store.  The number there is (519) 364-1390.  While every effort is made, there have been situations in the past couple of years where road closures have prevented us from getting to the store.  If we are unable to get to the store due to weather we change the message on our machine to indicate this, so calling ahead is highly recommended during the nasty weather of the winter months.

New Products

The following new products have arrived since the last newsletter:

  • Model Railroader December 2008 
  • Trains December 2008 
  • Branchline November 2008
  • Garden Railways December  2008
  • Classic Trains Winter 2008
  • Thomas & Friends December 2008
  • Great Model Railroads 2009
  • Classic Trains-Fast Trains in the Golden Years of Railroading
  • 102 Realistic Track Plans-How to Build Realist Layouts #5
  • Book-Narrow Gauge Through the Bush by Rod Clarke
  • HO Flatcar Girder Load (150-790)
  • HO Atlas Code 83 Flex Track Brown Ties (150-500)
  • Assortment of Athearn Blue Box Kits (new kits now have steel wheels and magnetic couplers)
  • True Line Trains Grand River Caboose (TLT-301126)
  • True Line Trains Ontario Northland Caboose (TLT-301124)
  • MR's How to Guide Painting Backdrops for your Model Railroad (400-12425)
  • Atlas Trainman 2 Bay Offset Side Hopper CP (150-18953A,     150-18954A)
  • Walthers 2009 N&Z Catalogue (913-249)
  • Steam Echoes of Hamilton by Ian Wilson (ST-EO)
  • New Railtime DVD Release Bayview Junction (RT-BVJ)
  • Athearn RTR Go Transit Bombardier Control Car (140-25511)
  • Athearn RTR Go Transit Bombardier Control Car, Coaches 3 Car Set (140-25911)
  • Athearn RTR CN Silver #3 50' Mech Reefer (140-75442)
  • Athearn RTR CN Silver #4 50' Mech Reefer (140-75443)
  • Athearn/Roundhouse RTR CPR 30' Flat with 2 John Deere Tractors (140-81289 & 140-81290)
  • Athearn RTR CP Excursion Locomotive F7A #4108 (140-80222)
  • Atlas Trainman GP38-2 CP (150-958) & CN GTW (150-10000288)
  • Kalmbach Book-Build A Ready to Run Model Railroad (400-12429)
  • Kalmbach Book-Designing Multi-Deck Model Railroads (400-12434)

Great Gift Ideas

The gift giving season is here once again and we welcome everyone to fill out the on-line wish list to help us steer in the right direction those shopping for you.

We have many great gift ideas, for all types of price ranges.  From main gifts to stocking stuffers we have many items in stock for all levels of the hobby (gift cards are also available).

Special of the Month

Our special of the month for December is as follows:  Purchase $50.00 or more of Woodland Scenics products before tax and receive 10% off those products.

Check out the listing of those that are in stock.

Boley Vehicles End

It has recently been announced that Boley will no longer be making their 1:87 vehicles.  We are receiving the last orders of these in the next few weeks, and then after that it will only be the stock that is in the store that will be available until it is sold out.  So for best selection, shop soon to avoid disappointment.

Consignment Area

As many are aware, we maintain a consignment area in the store as well as listing these items on line.  Over the last few weeks we have received many treasures which we have added to the catalogue.  If you are searching for some deals, or a hard to find item, you need to check out the consignment area.  Stock there comes and goes so check back often to see what has been changed.

If you have items that you would like to have added to our consignment area please contact us to arrange for your items to be added.

Clearance Items

We have recently done an update to the HO product catalogue to reflect items that are on clearance prices.  Any of the items with -CL at the end of their product number indicate a clearance item and reflects the new clearance price while stock is available.

Everyday Low Prices

The following is a list of the items that we have at everyday low prices all the time:

  • Kadee #5 couplers (2 pair package) 380-5 - $3.25
  • Xuron Track Cutter Tool 769-2175B - $15.25
  • Floquil Paint - Thinner Based - $4.89
  • Model Flex Paint $4.29
  • Proto wheel sets
    • 36" Wheel Sets 920-21257 - $7.75
    • 33" Flat Back Wheel Sets 920-21258 - $7.75
    • 33" Ribbed Back Wheel Sets 920-21259 - $7.75
  • Atlas Code 100 Flex Track 150-168 - $3.95 each
    • (Atlas has begun a price increase; prices will increase as stock is replenished)

Planning a large track expansion?  See us for a bulk price on all your track needs.  Bulk track orders are considered to be those in excess of $100.00 before taxes.

Upcoming Train Shows

Woodstock Model Train Show*

  • When:
    • January 4, 2009  10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Where:
    • Oxford Auditorium Woodstock Fairgrounds
    • 875 Nellis Street
    • Woodstock, ON
  • Contact Info:

Paris Junction 2009*

  • When:
    • January 18, 2009  10:00am - 4:00pm
  • Where:
    • Paris Fair Grounds
    • Silver St
    • Paris, ON
  • Contact Info:

TH&B Model Railroad Flea Market*

  • When:
    • January 25, 2009  10:00am - 3:30pm
  • Where:
    • Marritt Hall
    • Ancaster Fair Grounds
    • 625 Hwy 53 E
    • Ancaster, ON
  • Contact Info: (905) 335-9112

Kitchener Model Train Show*

  • When:
    • March 29, 2009  10:00am - 3:00pm
  • Where:
    • Bingemans (Ballroom)
    • 425 Bingemans Centre Drive
    • Kitchener, ON
  • Contact Info:

* - Denotes shows that County Line Caboose will be attending.

Train Show Locations

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