Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring is finally here and the nice weather is starting to burst forth.  It has been a busy winter and the newsletter was one of the things I just had a hard time getting around to.  I have finally had the chance to sit down and write one to keep us all in touch and aware of the new items that have both arrived and are planned to arrive in the near future.

Planning is fully under way for the 12th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale this year.  Be sure to take a moment and read about this great event that is coming up fast.

As always if there is a comment or suggestion that you have for the newsletter please forward it along, I am always glad to hear how you would like it changed or improved.

Also, as spring turns into summer, a reminder that our hours start to extend on the weekends.  Hours will continue to be updated here on the site.

Happy Modelling


12th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale May 15th

Believe it or not the 12th annual Model Railroader Garage sale is just a little less than a month away.  Get that date marked on your calendar as you will not want to miss this terrific event.  Many have already signed up to be vendors, and spaces are filling up quickly.  We will be taking reservations for vendors until May 7th, so if you are wishing to attend this year as a vendor please let us know ASAP.  As mentioned in previous years this is a terrific way for those just starting in the hobby to find some items, meet others in the hobby, gain ideas and share in discussions.  Many have also found that sought after treasure on someone’s table that was the item that they just needed to bring some life to their own layout.

Again this year we will be having the community table.  For those that are not familiar with how the table works is it is a way for people to bring just a few things and leave them for sale at the event.  If you wish to bring things for the community table we ask that they be brought in to the store no later than May 8th to have them tagged and set up for the sale.  All items and money from the items sold is to be picked up by the end of May.  If you wish more info on putting items on the table please feel free to contact us.

Last year the weather was a little on the wet side and we are really hoping that Mother Nature will shine some sun on us for this year’s event.  Despite the rain last year’s event was well attended and we hope to have this year’s be even better.

This event is hosted FREE of charge for both vendors and those that attend.  It is put on as a modellers-for-modellers day, to help spread the word that Model Railroading is a fun and fulfilling hobby for all ages.  While this event only lasts 4 hours, many hours are spent on the planning and set up of the event.  As long as the interest to attend is strong we will continue to put this event on. 

Get out the pen and circle May 15th on your calendars and come on out to share in the fun and excitement of the 12th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale.

Please note, the donations received from each year’s event are put back into improving the next year’s event.  In the past this money has been used to purchase the outdoor canopy used last year and many folding tables.  If you have ideas that you would like to see put into place for upcoming events please share them with us—we want to make this an event you want to attend and don’t want to miss.

New Products

The following new products have arrived since the last newsletter:

  • Model Railroader May 2010 
  • Trains May 2010 
  • Branchline April 2010
  • Garden Railways April 2010
  • CP Tracks Issue 11-1
  • Canadian Railway Modeller Magazine T17T3
  • Rapido CP Angus Van—Ontario Northland (Chevron) #120 (RAP-110054)
  • Rapido CP Angus Van—Ontario Northland (Chevron) #127 (RAP-110061)
  • Rapido Steam Fluid (RAP-102007)
  • Bachmann HO Scale Train Set Challenger CN (160-621F)
  • Woodland Scenics Planters Feed and Supply Structure HO (785-PF5181)
  • Woodland Scenics Track Roadbed HO 24’ Roll (785-1474)
  • Wood Train with Whistle Paints and Activity Package (WIL-36)
  • The Model Railroader’s Guide to Diesel Locomotives (400-12437)
  • Atlas N scale 50’ Flat With Trailer Canadian National #682458 (150-37836)
  • Atlas N Scale 50’ Flat with Trailer Canadian Pacific #500046 (150-37837)
  • Railtime DVD—CN In Muskoka—The Bala Sub Vol 2
  • Railtime DVD—Bayview Junction Vol 3
  • HO Scale Loads by Al (stock to be listed in the on line catalogue shortly—contact for a listing)
  • Atlas Relay Snap (150-200)
  • Woodland Scenics Turf Shaker Coarse Fall Orange (785-1354)
  • Woodland Scenics Turf Shaker Coarse Fall Yellow (785-1353)
  • Accurail USRA 55 Ton Hopper Grand Trunk Western (112-2557)
  • Accurail 40’ Wood Reefer Canadian Pacific (112-4822)
  • Walthers 2010 N scale catalogue (913-250)
  • HO Athearn CP 26’ Low Side Ore Car (140-94982)
  • HO Athearn CP 26’ Low Side Ore Car CP#1 6 pack (140-94983)
  • HO Athearn CP 26’ Low Side Ore Car CP #2 6 Pack (140-94984)
  • Atlas 20,700 Gallon Tank Sunoco GATX #87269 (150-200000602)
  • Woodland Scenics Tunnel Liner Form HO (785-1250)
  • Model Power HO Vehicles:
    • Audi A6 (490-19085)
    • 1948 Jaguar XK 120 (490-19446)
    • 1960 Jaguar Mark II (490-19440)
    • Porsche Caymans (490-19187)
    • Porsche Boxsters (490-19185)
    • Porsche 911 Carreras (490-19186)
    • Jaguar XK (490-19445)
    • Range Rover Sport (490-19015)
    • Land Rover Discovery 3 (490-19025)
    • Mercedes GL (490-19368)
    • 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX ST1 (490-19305)
    • Audi TT Coupe (490-19155)
  • Woodland Scenics HO Scale Sicken Tire Company Structure (785-PF5184)
  • Microbrush Fine Brushes (MIC-MHF-10)

New Products Coming

Watch for the following new products that should be arriving in the store. If there is something that interests you, contact us and we will set it aside for you when it arrives.  If there is a new product not on the list that you know is coming out and would like to reserve, please drop us a line and we will be happy to order it for you.

    • Steam Memories of Lindsay by Ian Wilson
      • ETA April 2010
    • Rapido Transcona Yard Caboose (CP Rail)
    • Athearn Gondola with Load TH&B #243 (140-74872) ETA May 2010
    • Athearn Gondola with Load TH&B #244 (140-74873) ETA May 2010
    • Athearn Gondola with Load TH&B #248 (140-74874) ETA May 2010
    • Athearn SW1500 Loco Canadian Pacific #1298 DCC Ready (140-96661) ETA June 2010
    • Athearn SW1500 Loco Canadian Pacific #1299 DCC Ready (140-96662) ETA June 2010
    • Athearn F59PHI Go Transit Loco #605 DCC Ready (140-26330)ETA June 2010
    • Athearn F59PHI Go Transit Loco #617 DCC Ready (140-26331) ETA June 2010
    • Athearn F59PHI Go Transit Loco #624 DCC Ready (140-26332) ETA June 2010
    • Athearn Cab GO Transit #212 (140-25525) ETA June 2010
    • Athearn Coach GO Transit #2018 (140-25725) ETA June 2010
    • Athearn 3pk Coach Set GO (140-2595) ETA June 2010
    • True Line Trains 8 Hatch Reefer CNR Horizontal Leaf

    Newsletter Coupon

    The featured savings for this newsletter issue is rolling stock.  Purchase any rolling stock item in kit form and receive 10% off the regular price when you mention this coupon. 

    We have the following manufacturers to choose from:

    • Athearn Blue Box—limited to in-stock quantities
    • Roundhouse—limited to in-stock quantities
    • Branchline passenger and freight kits
    • Accurail—will special order any kit that is still available

    Upcoming Trains Shows

    Lakeshore Model Railroaders Association Model Railroad Flea Market*

    • When:
      • Saturday April 17, 2010  10:00am - 3:00pm
    • Where:
      • Humber College North Campus Entrance D&E
      • Main Gym
      • 205 Humber College Blvd
      • Etobicoke, ON
    • Contact Info:

    Woodstock Model Train Show*

    • When:
      • April 25, 2010  10:00am - 3:00pm
    • Where:
      • Oxford Auditorium & Mutual Buildings
      • Woodstock Fairgrounds
      • 875 Nellis Street
      • Woodstock, ON
    • Contact Info:

    12th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale*

    • When:
      • May 15, 2010  8:00am – 12:00pm
    • Where:
      • County Line Caboose
      • 014121 Bruce County Rd 10, RR #1
      • Elmwood, ON
    • Contact Info:

    Midland District Railroad Club 21st Annual Model Railroad Show

    • When:
      • May 29, 2010 10:00am – 5:00pm
      • May 30, 2010 10:00am – 4:00pm
    • Where:
      • North Simcoe Sports & Rec Centre
      • Midland Arena
      • King Street
      • Midland, ON
    • Contact Info:

    9th Stratford Railway Heritage Show*

    • When:
      • June 6, 2010  10:00am – 4:00pm
    • Where:
      • Stratford Rotary Complex
      • Mc Carthy Road
      • Stratford, ON 

    * - Denotes shows that County Line Caboose will be attending.

    Train Show Locations

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