Sunday, March 27, 2011

13th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale May 14th

The 13th annual Model Railroad Garage sale is coming up fast.  Mark May 14th on your calendar as you will not want to miss this wonderful event.  It is a terrific way for those just starting in the hobby to find some items, meet others in the hobby, gain ideas, and share in discussions.  Many have also found that sought after treasure on someone’s table that was just what they needed to bring some life to their own layout.

This event is hosted FREE of charge for both vendors and customers.  It is put on as a modellers-for-modellers day to help spread the word that Model Railroading is a fun and fulfilling hobby for all ages.  While this event only lasts 4 hours, many hours are spent on the planning and set up of the event.  As long as the interest to attend is strong we will continue to put this event on. 

Many have already signed up to be vendors, and spaces are filling up quickly.  We will be taking reservations for vendors until May 7th, so if you are wishing to attend this year as a vendor please let us know ASAP.

Also this year, we will again be having the community table.  For those that are not familiar with how the table works, it is a way for people to bring just a few things and leave them for sale at the event.  If you wish to bring items for the community table we ask that they be brought in to the store no later than May 7th to have them tagged and set up for the sale.  All items and money from the items sold is to be picked up by the end of May.  If you wish more info on putting items on the table please feel free to contact me.

Get out the pen and circle May 14th on your calendars and come on out to share in the fun and excitement of the 13th Annual Model Railroad Garage Sale.

Please note, the donations received from each year’s event are put back into improving the next year’s event.  If you have ideas that you would like to see put into place for upcoming events please share them with us—we want to continue improving this event to ensure it remains something you want to attend and don’t want to miss.